Senin, 25 Juli 2011

My activity focus as an artis

                               In Jakarta performances in front of the palace of the state

My art work as an artist is about  drawing, painting, Stencil art and  arts intalation. This lately I’m concerning my work in conceptual art about social critic to what happen in my society. That are all about religion conflict, environment, and Yogyakarta people who live between agriculture tradition and Monarchy of Kraton Yogyakarta . Started from a year ago most of my art work is talking about  the marginalized education system for Indonesian people. Issues of my work is about critics to the expensive education fees, education system that doesn’t  make any change of the people way of thinking for this nation devolpment, and the centralistic education.
       Now I’m having a research that is still on progress, that is about ecology of trees in Yogyakarta city. Im doing this project with a community that I created last year. This research is in cooperation with Forestry Department or Departemen Kehutanan, The Official of Ecology or Dinas Lingkungan Hidup, and community activist of environment named Walhi. In our last research, we get information about how bad the condition of trees in Yogyakarta. The condition even is worsened by Merapi Volcano Eruption few months ago. Besides of art work activity, I also organize trauma healing by painting for children of Merapi victims in their shelter. I teach them to draw and paint in order to help them building their confidence after eruption.

                                                                    in Merapi Top

                                                                        Yogya City Stencilt Art

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